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PP Masterbatch

Shreeji Industries is one of the leading manufacturers of quality Masterbatch.

PP Transparent Masterbatch

• we are leading manufacturer, Supplier of Transparent Filler Masterbatch.

• Its Application is mostly in the Injection Moulding Industry.

• The transparent filler masterbatch can enhance stiffness and transparency, tensile strength, heat distortion temperature, and rigidity, then improve the properties of finished products.

• It is mainly used in PP and PE plastic extrusion, injection, film blowing package material and medicine container.

PP Calcium Masterbatch

• Calcium carbonate concentrates usually contain from 60% to as high as 83% of CaCO3 in the polymer matrix and is commonly based on polyolefin (PE or PP) resins, though other polymers (PS, EPS, ABS, etc.).

• Calcium carbonate (CaCO3) filler masterbatch or filler masterbatch is a concentrated mixture of calcium carbonate and other additives which is processed through a heat process into a carrier polymer resin such as PP , LD , LLDPE, or other which is then cooled and cut into granules (pellets) making CaCO3 masterbatch a solid additive for plastics.