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Additive Masterbatch

Shreeji Industries is one of the leading manufacturers of quality Masterbatch.

Antiblock Masterbatch

• Shreeji offers a wide variety of antiblock masterbatch. It is a combination of Special additives for efficient antiblock. Antiblock masterbatch reduces or eliminates blocking/sticking of polymeric films.

• Antiblock Masterbatch has its prime importance in enhancing the anti- block and lubricant properties in PP and PE products.

• This type of additive masterbatch is formulated from an accurate composition of silica and amide additives. These are highly recommended to facilitate easy and flexible packaging of mono or multilayer blown films.

• It generally, prevents the extruded films from sticking together, thus increasing the speed of packaging and winding up process.

Features of Antiblock Masterbatch

• Regulates the slip and antistatic properties.

• Increases output of packaging.

• Reduces friction between films.

• Maintain smoothness on the surface.

• Allows smooth unwinding and slitting of the reels.

Applications of Antiblock Masterbatch

• Blow Molding

• Injection Molding

• Extruded products

• Steam beads bags

• PE, PP, blown film products


Dessiccant Masterbatch

• Dessiccant Masterbatch additives can counter moisture related problems. It can dramatically absorb moisture from plastic during extrusion process.

• Desiccant masterbatch is produced by inorganic powder, resin and other auxiliary. It is an innovative drying agent, water absorber used in eliminating moisture in virgin and recycled LDPE, HDPE and PP etc

• Mainly used in injection molding, film line, sheets etc.

• Desiccant Masterbatch is used to add and simply mix with materials before the plastic molding processing, which make us carry out molding processing without the drying process, so it is user-friendly, and can improve the production efficiency and reduce energy consumption.

Applications of Dessiccant Masterbatch

• Injection Moulding

• Blow Moulding

• Blown Film

• Films PP PE