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We Provide The Perfect Filler Masterbatch

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Welcome to Shreeji Industries

Shreeji Industries is engaged in the manufacturing of FILLER MASTERBATCHES SINCE 2015. Mr. Hiren Shah the founder of SHREEJI INDUSTRIES. He has been in the profession for over 5 years. He has been serving company with Visionary, Leadership and Excellence. At Shreeji Industries, technological excellence is complemented by shreeji creative resources and unparalleled service – all valuable assets for our customers. A recognized global leader in fillers, modifier, Additives masterbatches.

As Industry leaders, we continue to refine our products with our customers to cut the use of raw materials, energy, and water. and, we also offer products that reduce the use of paper and metal in packaging and finished products.

Shreeji Industries' Filler masterbatches meet the diverse appearance and functional requirements placed on plastic products.

Shreeji Industries' masterbatches are used in almost every plastic process and application. We have extensive experience producing masterbatches for applications in many processes.

Applications of Filler & Additive Masterbatch


Blown Film

Injection Moulding

Jumbo Bag

Woven Sack

Carry Bag