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About Shreeji Industries

Shreeji Industries is one of the leading manufacturers of quality Filler Masterbatch.


Welcome to Shreeji Industries

Shreeji Industries is engaged in the manufacturing of Quality FILLER MASTERBATCHES SINCE 2015. Mr. Hiren Shah the founder of SHREEJI INDUSTRIES. He has been in the profession for over 5 years. He has been serving company with Visionary, Leadership and Excellent. At Shreeji Industries, technological excellence is complemented by shreeji creative resources and unparalleled service – all valuable assets for our customers. A recognized global leader in fillers, modifier, Additives masterbatches.

Our technological leadership extends from every facet of Filler masterbatches production through every aspect of customer support. Over the years it has carved a space in the competitive marketplace. This is a culmination of continuous improvement in quality, innovation and customer focus.

Our Vision and Mission

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Our Mission

Commit resources and expertise to the service of developing and manufacturing the best products ensuring the highest quality at the most economical prices. There will be a constant drive in us to continuously improve processes, R&D and technology.

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Our Vision

To be the market leader in compounding by offering innovative Filler and compounding solutions. To achieve higher levels of growth and excellence along with our employees, customers, and suppliers. Our vision is to continuously advance ourselves to provide the best quality product and services.

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Value & Quelity

We use all modern techniques. We provide high quality and effective masterbatches to our customers.

Quality Focus, Customer Orientation, Growth, Teamwork, Leadership, Process Orientation, Cost Effectiveness.

The team at Shreeji is led by second-generation entrepreneurs, who have an astute understanding of the industry and are focused on developing customized solutions applications that make Masterbatch safer, affordable and sustainable.

Our company has reached professional excellence and established its mettle despite the competition because every staff member who has contributed to hard work as well as diligence be it the director or helper.

Our framework under the leadership of our director constitutes a big team. Our team works diligently under the leadership of production in charge who is responsible for planning, quality assessment, and worker welfareance. our team that can repair or rectify any problem at any time of the day.

They also handle every aspect of the material handling of raw material as well as the finished product. They are unique in that they handle every aspect of finance and accounting with the diligence that they are often the last members to leave from work. Our success would not have been possible without a contribution from our team members.